Sunday, September 11, 2005

Legends Kentucky Taffy

Legends Kentucky Taffy, born May 2004. Filly, My color is a deep reddish brown, almost burgandy, with white in the mane.
I'm double registered Rocky & Kentucky Mountain. Already winning in confirmation. Grandchampion "Miss Filly". Out of Storm Traveler by VBF Storm Warning and Nice-n-easy, our Yankee mare.

I'm a very good girl, I can take a bath, get clipped, have my feet trimmed. I stand quietly when tied. And love to play with the new babies. I started under saddle last year and have not had any issues. My gait is smooth and comfortable and I have a bit of action. Oh, something else about me, you can see my mommy & daddy here at my home. This was one of my pictures as a yearling... See my mane? It is turning white! My tail is getting some white too.


Legends Kentucky Taffy


Blogger LaRocque said...

Taffy is a very talented young mare, and w/a bit more training is gonna explode on the show scene! I have helped w/a tiny bit of her training and she has an awesome personality. The gait I have seen her do is beautiful and animated, she looks and moves JUST like her daddy only a beautiful deep red chocolate color.

9:39 AM  
Blogger Legends Mountain Horses said...

Taffy has matured into a wonderful show mare. She is VERY light and responsive.

11:55 AM  

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